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Australian owned and Australian Made since 1988.

Quality Sonar Wetsuits 
Sonar wetsuits have long been used by commercial divers, Water Police, Search and Rescue, Federal Police, Special Operations units, Aquariums, and in countless charter and rental situations. Sonar don't just cater for industry professionals, we have a large range of wetsuits suitable for all water sports activities.

In the beginning:
John Liddell and Bob Scott founded Sonar Wetsuits of Australia in 1988 after making wetsuits at R Wallace Mitchell for U.S Divers Australia back in the Sixties and Seventies.

John and Bob's idea, to build the world's best and most durable wetsuit in Australia still holds strong today. When you see old file footage around water on Australian TV, 99% of the time they're in a Sonar Wetsuit.

Changes at the helm:
Some years back Sonar changed ownership with Jari Stenberg and Pat Dillon starting a new era of research and development. Between them they had over 30 years of experience in water sports and wetsuit manufacturing. With more research and development than ever before, Sonar Wetsuits continued the tradition of making the worlds highest quality suits here in Australia.

Jari and Pat also started importing and wholesaling masks, fins, snorels, knives and a wide range of other diving products with great success. However, when they wanted to exit the business they couldn't find anyone willing to come in and continue manufacturing wetsuits. Eventually they decided to close the business.

Sonar Watersports Australia

A new era begins:
In August 2013, Lloyd Borrett became aware of what was happening, and approached Jari and Pat. Within days Lloyd purchased Sonar as an ongoing concern, and began trading as Sonar Watersports Australia. With Sonar's local manufacturing operation already closed, Lloyd intends to continue the other parts of Sonar, plus look at possible ways to keep producing Sonar wetsuits.


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Custom Wetsuits

Sonar Watersports Australia is not currently manufacturing wetsuits in Australia, and is not able to produce custom made wetsuits at this time.

If you are seeking a custom made wetsuit, we suggest you contact:


Oceansuits Australia
Marty Owens
Factory 3/101 Wedgewood Rd
Hallam VIC 3803

Phone: 03 9702 4993

Email: sales@oceansuits.com.au

Web: www.oceansuits.com.au

New South Wales

12/36 Abbott Road
Seven Hills NSW 2147

Phone: 02 96742025

Email: info@seatec.com.au

Web: www.seatec.com.au


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