Abalone Tool Pro - No Sharp Edges

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The Sonar Abalone Tool Pro is a super strong, stainless steel specialist abalone tool with a webbing sheath and leg straps. The angled blade is perfect for easily getting your abalone off the rocks. The sheer size of the blade provides plenty of cranking leverage to make even the biggest of abs come away effortlessly.

The Sonar Abalone Tool Pro has been manufactured from marine grade 420 stainless steel to ensure years of life and superior rust resistance. This abalone tool features a blunt tip end which complies with the legal requirements for the taking of abalone.

20 cm
Designed for commercial use, Stainless steel bar no sharp edge's, Non slip handle with guard, Tie off Point, Webbing Sheath, Laser etched measurements on blade

Product Show Case
Capri Semi Dry 7

Capri Semi Dry 7


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